Record with LECTURNITY

LECTURNITY 4.0 has arrived! Now it's even easier to achieve impressive results by making screen recordings, recording PowerPoint, creating training videos, presenting products and producing interactive presentations.

Find instead of search

Lengthy searches through screen shots are no longer necessary – LECTURNITY not only records but also “understands” your documents, presentations and lectures. All content is automatically read, structured and indexed to make it searchable – no matter which format has been used. Automatic text recognition for videos – only LECTURNITY can do this! Features »

Quick and simple production

It has never been easier to create impressive presentations and screen shots. You can publish your content in many formats with just a few clicks of the mouse. The production of tests and exercises is now easier than ever! Tutorials »


Diverse publishing

Whether flash, video, website, CD, offline, mobile data formats - publishing with LECTURNITY is easy.


From now, direct, simple YouTube uploads are also possible!


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LECTURNITY wins bronze at Brandon Hall Award

IMC´s authoring software LECTURNITY won the coveted “Brandon Hall Learning Excellence Technology Award". LECTURNITY gained bronze medal in the category "Best technology for Rapid Authoring".

LECTURNITY 4.0 updates

Software Simulation is a major topic in the newest LECTURNITY patch. This feature allows users direct interaction in their eLearning content.


You can order LECTURNITY and accompanying services from our online shop at any time.

The complete solution for all your recording needs

Whether for sales training, lecture recordings or software training – use LECTURNITY to record and publish your message: fast, easy, cost effective.

What our customers say

"After performing lengthy searches and detailed comparisons of available software, Lecturnity proved to be the only application that provided flexibility and portability whilst keeping the cost of production exceptionally low."

Evan Carr

Managing Director

Form M F Ltd.

"LECTURNITY has been a great tool for us and a great asset in our communications. It is an incredibly versatile piece of software and we have been able to use it for a wide range of purposes."


Candice Blewett

Marketing & Comms Assistant


"The multi-function LECTURNITY tool allows us to produce learning content very efficiently and quickly and to distribute it in different formats."



Yves Peters

Head of Training and Information

Hager Tehalit


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